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Water Softeners

The basic function of water softeners involves replacing the calcium and magnesium ions in water with sodium ions. This solves hard water problems because the sodium ions will not have the adverse effects the others do.

Water softeners address issues such as:

  • Objectionable Taste and Odor

  • Rust and Mineral Discoloration

  • Hard Water Build-Up

  • Soap Scale

Water softeners provide benefits such as:

  • Less soap needed for bathing and cleaning

  • Laundry that is cleaner and brighter

  • Longer lasting fixtures and pipes

  • Extended appliance life and improved performance

  • Pure water for cooking and drinking

  • Money-saved on bottled water

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The Salt Stop

Grosch Quality Water, Inc. offers quality salt for your water softeners. In order to ensure it is at an affordable price, we also offer an everyday sell special on our salt bags. For every 6 bags you purchase, you'll get another free.

Water Softener Products

Grosch Quality Water, Inc. offers a wide variety of water softener and treatment products to help with a variety of issues you may run in to with your water. Once we've tested your water and determined which contaminants are present, we'll make suggestions as to which ones best fit your needs. The Hague WaterMax water softener offers a unique, patented approach is The Right Solution™ for meeting home water needs.

WaterMax - Water Softener

The Hague WaterMax water softener offers a unique, patented approach is The Right Solution™ for meeting home water needs. In addition to clean, soft water, the WaterMax offer a host of advantages over conventional water softeners by saving:


  • As much as 80% less time

  • As much as 50% less regenerate

  • Up to 80% less water used

WaterMax Features


  • 25-year limited warranty

  • Solid-state system control

  • Hague patented control valve

  • Hague patented tank design

  • Built-in 20 micron whole-house filter

  • Customizable multi compartment tank

  • Directional flow screens

  • Built-in bypass with test port

  • Bacteriostatically-protected resin bed

  • Power outage protection

  • Capacity guard

  • Absolute brining feature

  • Safety shut-off

  • Fill pug


Hydroclean H3 – Water Softener

Hydroclean HC3 water treatment provides clean, soft water at an economical price. Hydroclean's sophisticated, patented valve design has proven to be exceptionally reliable, following more than fifteen years of dependable field operation in thousands of installations around the world.

Both residential and light commercial users of the system have experienced the benefits of clean, soft water while saving money on cleaning products and longer-lasting water-using appliances.

Hydroclean H3 Advantages

  • Reduces bad odors and improves the taste of your water

  • No stains and deposits from hard water

  • No soap scum residue problem

  • Cleaner, brighter laundry

  • No hard water build-up in pipes and appliances

  • More efficient use of soap with soft water

Hydroclean H3 Features

  • Custom configuration available

  • Hague patented control valve

  • Dual-mode electronic controller

  • 1" built-in bypass valve with test port

  • Power outage protection

  • Capacity guard


Hague’s Whole House Filtration System

Are you dealing with constant rust stains on your sinks, shower,
and laundry? Or foul odors from your faucets? These are
common complaints from homes with a private well.

Iron and sulfur are naturally occurring substances that dissolve
into your water supply and travel throughout your home. These
elements can effect the smell, taste, and overall performance of
your water.

Reduce these issues and get the high quality water you expect
with Hague’s whole house filtration system. With multiple
models to choose from, we can find the right solution for your
home’s unique water.

Hague’s Whole House Filtration System Advantages

  • Advanced electronics track water used, flow rates, and include a built-in battery back up to protect your settings

  • Slow release technology regulates the pressurized air that leaves the valve for quiet regenerations

  • Compressed air chamber oxidizes dissolved iron, manganese, and sulfur, turning them into solid particles

  • A variety of filtration medias available to customize the filter to your exact water needs


Smart Touch Controller

We also offer the Smart Touch Controller, by Hague Quality Water. It has a full color touch screen display with new customized settings. It is similar in function to the 6 button controller, offering a familiar functionality, but has far superior looks, custom settings, and navigation. If you're interested in the smart controller, contact us today at (937) 548-5115 to see what it can do for you.

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