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Drinking Water Systems

Drinking pure, clean water is essential to a healthy life. Water that is truly pure has the great ability to satisfy your thirst and hydrate your body. While municipal water systems are treated to the legally mandated level, the water is still not considered pure since it contains minerals, organic matter, and chlorine. These elements typically have an adverse effect on the taste and smell of drinking water.


Grosch Quality Water, Inc. offers the AlwaysFresh drinking water systems as the solution to your drinking water problems. Most models make for a great installation when dispensing from the tap. We'll work with you to determine your needs and desires and help you select the best models to address those needs.

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Commonly used in both commercial and residential applications, reverse osmosis is a water filtration process that is used to provide the purest quality of water for drinking, food preparation, and even life support.

While the reverse osmosis may seem complicated, it is actually a very straightforward process. The H6500 RO involves the use of pressure to force the water through a membrane that retains inorganic solids such as salt, while allowing the treated water to pass to the other side. Reverse osmosis (R.O.) membranes have a dense barrier, developed to allow only water to permeate while preventing the passage of dissolved solids, such as salt ions.

System Advantages

  • Reverse osmosis systems produce safe, clean, great tasting bottle-quality water straight out of the tap, conveniently and economically. Additional advantages enjoyed with treated water include:

  • Enhanced water cleaning efficiencies

  • Easy to keep clean

  • Convenient to use

  • Minimal operating costs – only the periodic replacement of disposable filters

System Features

  • 25-year limited warranty

  • Advanced membrane technology

  • Non-electric operation

  • Efficiency, even on water pressure as low as 30 psi

  • 33% more tank pressure for increased flow and volume

  • Fills holding tank up to 5 times faster than other systems

  • Completely pre-tested

  • Includes a long-reach dispensing spigot with air gap

HFC-1000 Drinking Water System

This system is a great addition to any home, office or business. Its flow rate is 3 x the competition without scarifying performance. The capacity for the average family of 4-6 is a 1 Year Supply of drinking water.


Ideal system for homes that do not want to add a separate dispensing faucet and those with high flow kitchen faucets. For homes with pot filler faucets, or higher flow kitchen faucets use our Model HFC-1000Dual 3.0 gpm system!

Connecting to the existing cold sink faucet saves money! No extra installation time, or separate faucet to purchase. The high flow rate allows use of this system for all of your drinking, cooking, and food preparation needs.


Schedule Installation

Don't wait around, go ahead and schedule your drinking water system installation today by calling us at (937) 548-5115 or reaching out to us by email.

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